Why Never To Tweet Your Hotel Location

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Why Never To Tweet Your Hotel Location

Let’s just put it this way: I learned this lesson the hard way.

I recently stayed the The Curtis, one of my favorite hotels in downtown Denver. And either before or after I got ice from the ice machine, I tweeted this from my FourSquare account because the wall hanging in the bathroom was too funny not to share:

Framed Art at Curtis

I think of marriage as an institution.
I’m not sure I’m ready to be institutionalized.

Now I know people should not tweet that they are away from home as that gives burglars notice that their home is vacant, but since my brother is currently living me, my house was not unoccupied.

Well shortly after said tweet, my hotel room phone rang. The front desk said there was a complaint reported about me and transferred me to maintenance. The maintenance man said they did not appreciate that I left my ice bucket full of defecation (aka shit) by the ice machine. WTF? I tell him he’s mistaken as my ice bucket is indeed in my room, full of ice. He says they have extra buckets by the ice machine and they have me on camera switching out the buckets. I tell him to re-review the camera, but he keeps accusing me of seriously leaving a bucket of crap by the ice machine. Tired of arguing with him, I hang up and call the front desk.

The front desk manager assures me that there was no maintenance man on duty and that there are no cameras to surveillance such activity. He tells me I’ve been pranked and asked if I wanted to switch rooms.  No, I was already in my pajamas. They did put a hold on calls to my room though.

So at first, I thought maybe another guest actually saw me leave my room and use the ice machine and then call my room number from their room.  But I remember them using my name when they called which kind of freaked me out.  So the only other option was the fact that I publicly announced my exact whereabouts for all of the worldwide web to see (my FourSquare activity is set to private, but if I share on Twitter, it is obviously public).  Anyone could’ve called the hotel that I tweeted from and simply asked for Kim Rowley’s room. The fact that I did indeed use the ice machine was probably pure coincidence.

I can laugh about it now, but I wasn’t overjoyed when it happened. I’m just waiting for my phone conversation to show up on some site like this. Yes, there are actual websites dedicated to hotel phone pranks. Now, there’s a niche.

Needless to say, I will not be tweeting my hotel accommodation whereabouts anytime soon. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why Never To Tweet Your Hotel Location”

  1. I’ve had a similar thing happen as well. Since I overshare and use check-ins, people can see who is where and someone saw I was staying at a particular hotel. I assume they called the front desk and asked for me by name, as my phone rang after midnight and some guy was asking some very rude and sexual questions. I hung up and left the phone off the hook for the night…

  2. I had a similar experiences at a hotel in NYC last year. I was having a particularly unpleasant stay there, and they were not responding to my complaints, so I posted about it to Foursquare – https://foursquare.com/item/516a2c67e4b0c7fcb87cf2eb

    I posted this at around 11pm and started getting harassing phone calls soon after – a real treat, since I was traveling with one of my daughters, and we had an early flight the next day.

    After a couple calls, I took the phone off the hook for the night.

  3. Thanks for the great reminder, Kim. We can never be too careful, huh? It’s different these days now that social media tools are so mainstream. The good thing is everybody has access to us and the bad thing is everybody has access to us. Hope you are fabulous!

  4. I’m sure there will be a service now that burglars can subscribe to for alerts when the service discovers someone is far away from home because of social media.

  5. In hindsight this should have been super hilarious but that night I bet you felt like kicking someone really hard. The closest I got to a hotel joke/surprise was when my bf talked to the room-service guy and she put the invitations to a concert under a tray; yeah, not that funny, but a great surprise. I enjoy posting and sharing a lot on all my social profiles, but I try to be more reserved when it comes to my locations, you never know what wack job is watching you.

  6. My reaction to this reading about prank was literally me saying out loud, “Oh…My…God.” What is up with people?! So creepy. Fortunately I am most of my family members have always been a bit paranoid when it comes to publicizing our exact location on social media, but I never dreamed it would lead to something like this. Wow.

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