13 Social Media Management Tips for Salons and Spas

Social Media for Salons

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Managing a salon or a spa business is equally challenging as marketing it online.

There are many struggles on how to approach marketing for salons and spas, brought about by the tough competition among mainstream spas and salons in the market. Internet marketing is the most powerful resource you can use to promote your salon or spa business, yet many people are already using the same medium to promote their business.

Is it worth promoting your business on the internet? How can you stand out among the thousands of other businesses online?

Internet marketing offers a game-changing strategy for new and experienced businesses alike: social media marketing. The social media network is a vast connection of different social media sites that cater to different kinds of audiences, but undeniably, Facebook is the largest social media network to date. In the Philippines alone, a total of 47 million users access social media via mobile on a monthly basis, making the country the second-largest Facebook market in the Southeast Asian region.

Among those 47 million users are your target market. People are always willing to try something new. If your salon or spa can provide good service, reviews will start coming in. Aside from an increase in social media following, you can expect your clients to market your business through word-of-mouth. A combination of both can be beneficial or detrimental at the same time. Social media is a powerful tool; it makes or breaks a business.

Social media can offer a lot of opportunities to promote your spa or salon business; it is important that you know how to maximize these tools to reach your target market as much as possible. Here are 13 tips brought to us by ZensoftPH salon software on how to use social media marketing to your advantage:

1. Measure and Analyze Your Salon or Spa Service

Among the thousands of known and unknown salons and spas in the Philippines, how well do you fare against the competition? Play with your strengths, improve and work on your weaknesses.

2. Listen to Your Audience, and Never Stop Listening

The customer is always right. Keep this mantra in check. You should aim to provide the best service for your customers, above anything else.

Social Media for Salons

3. Aiming for Likes? Gather “Trust”

Give and you shall receive. Set your sights on gathering something more than just “likes” or followers on Facebook and Twitter. Establish trust for your brand, and watch as how people do the marketing for your salon or spa business.

4. Secure Your Brand on the Internet

It’s important to secure your business name on different social media channels. People will try to search for you online; be right where you have to be.

5. Listen 100% Of the Time

We can’t stress this enough. Some businesses, not just salon and spa businesses, lose their followers due to their failure of listening to their audience. Some get involved in a comment match just to prove their point. It’s not because the “customer is always right,” but learn how to concede and assuage their anger instead of engaging in a heated argument. Deal with problems professionally.

6. Focus on How to Standardize Your Approach

Social media marketing can be time-consuming; although there are tools that can help you manage your accounts in one sitting, consistency is what you need to master in developing and executing your social marketing strategy. In the long run you’ll develop this system, you can efficiently execute tasks and potentially lower down marketing costs.

Social Media for Salons

7. Use Foursquare

Use their Specials tool to generate promotions so that when a user is nearby your salon or spa location, they will get notifications about your promos.

8. Create a LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is a social media channel where you can connect with potential jobseekers or other companies looking for B2B relations. Having a LinkedIn page is also another branding technique, as this establishes your existence in the business world. Once a user searches your name and sees your LinkedIn page, this can create trust that your company does exist, after all.

9. Set up a Referral Program

Business referrals can help your brand as well. Tap your connections! Dermatologists, suppliers, and even other professionals that love your business — contact them and ask the if you can feature them online. If you have quite a following, invite some well-known personalities and feature them in your social media accounts.

Social Media for Salons

10. Connect With Your Email Subscribers via Social Media

Encourage your email subscribers to participate on your social media channels. While email is another marketing technique to drive traffic to your website, social media is the place to start a connection between you and your subscribers.

11. Engage Through the Comments

This is a dangerous ground to participate in, but comments are absolutely the gold mine for engagement. Tread carefully, answer wisely. Your replies are a reflection of your brand.

12. Be the ‘Wiki’ of Salons and Spas

We’re not saying be the Kim Atienza of salons and spas, but be the reliable go-to for information on relaxation, beauty and wellness. If your subscribers and followers see you as a reputable source of information, they will continuously share your content online.

13. Integrate the Best Practices

Probably one of the most important strategy in this list is to integrate your social media marketing into your business. How? By simply using their nifty features. Now, customers can send in a message and even book appointments to their preferred salons and spas; dedicate a team who will respond to their inquiries and align their strategy real-time. Your social media team should be able to respond properly to your customers, as one negative reply can lead to a bigger problem.

If you put your effort into it — providing better services, innovating spa experiences, and personalizing care — all these can help you run not only a successful social media campaign, but a well-off, profitable business as well.

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