A Look At The Crowdfund Clicks Ads Team

A Look At The Crowdfund Clicks Ads Team

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A Look At The Crowdfund Clicks Ads Team

Businesses are turning to crowdfunding to get the resources they need. This shows no signs of coming to an end. As more people find out about these crowdfunding site it can be a great way to get start up funds for just about any type of business. One of the main problems with crowdfunding is it is not as easy to get funds as you would think. Getting the word out about the business is one of the hardest things to do. To help get past this barrier Matt, Ryan and Andrew are going to share some of their advice. In this interview the goals of Kickstarter and Indiegogo will be discussed and will provide information for those new to these sites. Here is a summary of these transcripts.

 How long has CrowdfundClicks helped crowdfunders with their marketing?

The Crowdfund Clicks team has a long history of working in social media marketing and they have developed support for those using Crowdfunders including Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. They have started up their crowdfund marketing venture in 2013. Since then they’ve grown their agency to offices in Los Angeles with over 12 staff members just to keep up with demand.

 What do the amount of funds raised amount to? A lot…

The true beauty of the CrowdfundClicks services is the fact that they use a % based model. CrowdfundClicks.com partners with projects and takes a percentage of the sales they bring in. Since the Crowdfund Clicks Marketing entered the crowdfunding field the team has made more than $10 million in sales to this date. Those familiar with these sites find this impressive since most agencies make one to two million. Many agencies make a lot less than this. It is due to Crowdfund Clicks unique pricing model that allows them to raise so much more than other services.

 Advice For Crowdfund Beginners

Crowdfund Clicks makes marketing and their techniques easy to start. Crowdfunding alone can be tricky if you’re not working with experienced agencies such as Crowdfund Clicks. They take advantage of the diverse strategies found on these social media sites. Facebook and Twitter can be useful for those looking to begin internet marketing. Those new to crowdfunding can open their project to other funding options.

 What makes the Crowdfund Clicks team of professionals so special?

Besides being very professional, this team the team has a set of skills that any crowdfunder would dream of. CrowdfundClicks can help with your social media marketing, branding, promotions, and overall crowdfund strategy. You can get big agency style marketing for a fraction of the price and on a performance bases. Crowdfund Clicks can develop a campaign that is attention getting and will help bring attention to the product or idea. This means more funding for you. Once a client signs up with this team they will get the latest techniques in social marketing behind their Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. The more exposure a campaign has the more successful it will be. Don’t try to do it alone and fall short. Your deserve real marketing behind your new venture to make sure it’s a success.

To learn more about CrowdfundClicks reviews visit them online or speak with a representative.

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