Need an invite to Pinterest?

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you how to get a Pinterest invitation link.

Jen Goode introduced me to Pinterest (thank you very much Jen), and I tweeted about it a couple of days ago:

kimarketing: Playing with @Pinterest – Do you follow me yet? http://pinterest.com/shoppingkim/ If you need an invite, just holla.

And here are couple of the responses I received:

ericnagel: @kimarketing thanks… now I just need to figure out how / why to use it 🙂

toddfarmer: @kimarketing @ericnagel I don’t get it either, Eric. But, oddly enough I overheard (at NYE party) “I’m addicted to pinterest”

I have to admit I’m becoming addicting to Pinterest as well. It is chock full of delicious, fun recipes (Missy Ward needs to upload her recipes from her New Year’s Eve party) that make me want to learn to cook. And then there is all the do-it-yourself craft ideas that make me jealous that I didn’t think of such an idea first. But the best part of Pinterest is that I’ve seen some of my website traffic increase in three-folds from referral links!

To give you an example, I took a screenshot of a someone (I have no idea who she is) that had “pinned” an image from one of my sites:

The first arrowed link and the image are both dofollow links to the original source of the image (my website). But the second arrowed link (I added this one as a comment, but you can add in the description of your own pins) is also a dofollow link and has higher click-through rate when you suggest they visit the page!

So start building those lists! Include your own website images as well as pages of websites that link to your websites to build quality back links.  “Repin” your friends’ pins and “Like” the pins of top users.

You can even add affiliate links of “products you love”, etc. Just be sure the affiliate link stays intact and is not a redirect so you get credit for the sale.  Amazon affiliate links keep the tag embedded, so you can create a new tracking id for your Pinterest account or even one for each list you create if you desire.

I wish I had more time to “play” with Pinterest now, but I have packing to do as I leave for Affiliate Summit in the morning! Hope to see you all there!

* If you need an invite to join Pinterest, either leave a comment using a valid email address (it will not be shown and not used for any other purposes) or tweet at me, and I’ll get you a Pinterest invitation email sent ASAP. Please note that I do not receive any referral credit for inviting friends. Adios!