Interview With Diana Lee, Co-Founder Of CloverSac

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CloverSac Purse Organizer

This week we speak to Diana Lee, co-founder of CloverSac.

Tell us more about CloverSac?

CloverSac is a company that specializes in purse organizer inserts, base shapers, rain covers, dust bags and pillow shapers for designer handbags.

What made you decide to start this business?

We want to be the market mover for the products that we sell. There are many companies out there that either sell purse organizer or base shapers. CloverSac aspired to be the 1st company in the world that specializes in accessories that help to care, maintain and organize your designer handbags.

What are your best selling products on your website,

Our purse organizer insert Emma 28 and Emma 22, or some called it bag organizers, are our best sellers. This is followed by our base shapers for Speedy 30, Neverfull MM, GM and various Longchamp Le Pliage models.

What is a base shaper?

A base shaper is a bag liner like you see in the following picture that you put at the bottom of your handbag.


Having a base shaper will prevent the handbag from sagging at the bottom, see picture below.


The key differences between our base shaper versus our acrylic base shaper or others sold in the market is that ours are lighter, and they all come with rounded corners so they don’t damage the interior of your handbag.

What is so special about your purse organizer when I can easily buy one from Amazon or Walmart which is much cheaper?

CloverSac’s purse organizer insert has unique selling points such as its structure design, weight and safety.


The overall design of CloverSac’s purse organizer Emma 28 and 22 allows the center compartment to be removed if you needed more space. Plastic cards can also be added at the sides and bottoms to create a more sturdy overall structure. The help of these plastic cards help to make the entire purse organizer insert “boxy” and it does not collapse.


We are also probably the first company that passed the colorfastness test for dry rubbing with a perfect score of 5 out of 5. This test was conducted by Bureau Veritas , an international test lab. By being certified with a score of 5, this simply mean the color dye on CloverSac’s purse organizer will not transfer onto other surface that it comes in contact with.

Who are your competitors?

The price for CloverSac purse organizer is USD$22.00. The competitors that are also offering purse organizer inserts at this price range include brands such as Purse to Go and Chameleon Insert.

Handbag Rain Cover

Tell us more about your purse rain cover?

Our purse rain cover acts like a raincoat which is designed specifically to protect purse and handbags from getting wet on a rainy day.

Purse Rain Cover

What is so special about your purse rain cover?

Each purse rain cover comes with a double zip lock bag that allow you to store your drenched raincoat inside it after use. With this waterproof bag , you can even store the drenched purse rain cover inside your handbag.

Where do you ship your products to?

We shipped worldwide with United States, Canada, Australia, UK and Singapore being our biggest customers.

What are the plans for the future of CloverSac?

We shall introduce more products. For example we will be launching new sizes and colors to expand our offerings for purse organizer inserts. We are also looking to increase a distribution channel through our global partners

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