Karan Chopra PhotoToday we interview Karan Chopra, the founder and CEO of G2OneNetwork, an internet conglomerate based in New Delhi, India.

  1. Tell me a bit about yourself.

I am Karan Chopra, 27, serial entrepreneur, author, a day dreamer and an artist who is based in India. I am running an internet media company name G2One Network mastering publications, consultancy, retail, services, books and lots more.

  1. I read you started out by establishing the publication I2Mag. Do you still own this website?

Yes, I still owe that website. Even more, the publication currently is having over 9000 amazing content pieces with over 600 writers onboard.

  1. Do you outsource the content? 

No, I don’t outsource the content, but the authors come themselves to be a part of the publication.

  1. And now you own 16 other brands? Wow! Which brand is your favorite?

Actually that number now increased to 19 as I recently only launched three more brands, which includes a web TV, an internet radio station and books.

Over my favorite brand, well I love all of them as I worked equally on each of them will all my heart and energy and even adding more, I am still putting all my efforts to make them more better.

  1. Your 99DollarWebsite caught my eye. What does the $99 fee all include? 

The 99DollarWebsite offers two kinds of services – one is FREE blog setup. In this all you have to do is to purchase the hosting from one of our partner hosting provider followed by sharing the details with us, and then the magic part is all on us. We will then setup your blog for free i.e. all technical setup is on us.

The second service – and an answer to your question is the $99 fee includes all graphic works as well as web development work, which together constitutes to the basic website of your brand.

  1. And I saw WPLove – your WordPress Themes Guide. Do you sell any of your own themes?

No, we don’t sell any our owned developed themes but what we do is we combined together all the best themes under one row, so that it would not cause any trouble for the end user to find the best for themselves.

  1. Do you have plans to launch any new brands?

Yes, we do have plans while to add more, we recently only launched three new brands – BeThink TV, Radio36 and TheStartupBooks.

  1. What are your books all about?

As of now, I authored two books. One titled as #Entrepreneur: The First Step, talks about how to be an entrepreneurship, detailing on how to start a business while the other titled as Blogging: 101 Tips To Get Started, helping others to how one can get started with blogging.

  1. I also see you are hiring! How many employees do you currently have?

We currently have total of 35 employees who work remotely for us from different part of the world. Other than this, we got over 800+ writers network who write for us on regular basis.

  1. Do you have any hobbies outside of the internet?

Yes, I do have. I love watching movies, even to share; I catch all the movies on every weekend.

Thanks for your sharing your time with us!