Playing with Magic isn’t always Fun


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Last Updated on March 6, 2018 by Work In My Pajamas


Last Friday, this wizard (aka me) was trying to publish a post on one of my blogs and got the following window pop-up saying “The server WEBSITENAME at Magic requires a username and password” (example on Flickr from yonghokim). My initial thoughts indeed included profanity. Magic? WTF! Am I seeing an optical illusion?

Scared that I have a virus, worm, parasite, whatever, I google its demise and end up in the WordPress forums.  Many cited that upgrading WP alone did the trick.  So I upgraded to the latest version of WP and was able to post normally.  My blood pressure went down.

Until yesterday when I got the same Magic error on the same blog!  Double WTF! My first instinct was to pick @yonnage‘s brain, hoping he could make the magic disappear into thin air, but he had to go and get married on me and take the day off! Doesn’t he know marriage is sometimes overrated? Anyhow…

Back to the forums I go. To solve the problem for good, I had to manually edit all of my plug-ins as 50% of them had a line a crap code (example) at the very top of them that I had to delete (Yes, Chris Pearson, I know I need to convert to Thesis Theme).  A couple plugins wouldn’t let me edit them without an error, so I deleted those via FTP and reinstalled.

Wait, I wasn’t done yet! I then had to reinstall the wp-includes/vars.php file to get the final Abracadabra! Now, hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) everything appears to be working fine!

Do you Believe in Magic?

7 thoughts on “Playing with Magic isn’t always Fun”

  1. You should always be careful when upgrading. If at all-purpose you should install it in a beta area that is not accessible to the public in order to check and then remove any bugs.

  2. That’s no fun, but at least you were able to fix it. And you won a ticket to the yacht party, so I think it was a positive day overall 🙂

  3. @Andrew It was a hack in the old version of WP I had.

    @MLDina Yes, it was still a great day! And I am so excited for the yacht party coming up!

  4. Me too! I think we’re going to have to do a bachelor-themed yacht party for ASW based on the feedback I’m getting for my upcoming blog post.

  5. hey Kim,
    I so love what you did for your uncle lee, that I’m going to do it to my site. I am finally writing you or making a comment after studying all of your stuff for the last two years since you where in revenue today magazine. You have inspirored me to learn and experiement with all this online stuff, and now I’m finally going to take the jump and run an ad and promote a product to start my online income…

    You are so amazing Kim. Thank you so much.

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