Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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What is SEO?

SEO, shortened for search engine optimization, is a technique used to improve a website or page’s ranking on a search engine.

It falls in the category of marketing, and is composed of several unique internet marketing strategies. The best SEO strategy is based on different things, such as the kind of business and targeted visitors/clients.

Methods of SEO

Some common methods of SEO are:

  • Getting Indexed

Some search engines require webmasters to send a request for their page to be indexed. The search engine does not crawl the website or show it in a search until it is indexed. However, certain search engines do not need every page to be indexed, as they can reach them automatically if there is strong linking.

  • Preventing Crawling

Often, webmasters set automatic crawlers not to crawl a certain page or directory. This is done when there is any material on the website that the webmaster does not wish to be shown in a search.

  • Increasing Prominence

This is a very commonly used SEO technique. However, it is not very easy to increase a website’s prominence. One can do so by using Meta tags, proper key-words, strong and relevant linking etc.

There are several other methods of SEO. Social media is also growing as a famous tool due to the wide reach it has.

The Advantages of SEO

There are many advantages of SEO. Almost every big website is using SEO techniques to enjoy the benefits. Highlighted below are some of the main benefits that come with the SEO service.


Internet marketing is one of the most affordable methods of reaching customers. If you choose everything carefully, then you can receive a higher return on investment (ROI).

More Visitors

The main aim of SEO is to increase your site’s visibility and bring in more visitors. When your search engine ranking improves, your website will be in the top few website, and there will be a higher chance of people clicking your page’s link.

More Profit

Running a website is like running a business. If your website runs advertisements then you will greatly enjoy the fruits of SEO service, as your Pay Per Click (PPC) rate will increase, resulting in higher profits.

This service is also very useful for websites that sell products. Remember that as more people see your products, the higher the chances of them buying. At the same time, businesses also benefit from a website that receives a heavy amount of traffic.

Image Boost

Today, it is very important for every company to have a website. People make an idea of a business’ credibility by visiting its website. Not having a website, or having a poorly ranked or made website will leave a very negative impact on your potential customers.

Easy to Handle

Unlike other marketing tools, SEO is very easy to use. It does not involve difficult methods or confusing tools.

SEO Options That You Have

Now to the main question. How does one use this tool to increase his or her website’s traffic? There are several options that you have. The simple solution is given below:

Hire a Company

There are several SEO companies offering their services to those who need them. You can easily hire a company that suits your needs the best.

There are a few things that you must keep in mind when choosing an SEO company. Always choose a reliable company that has carved a niche for itself. The key is in doing a good amount of research. Make sure you look at everything on the website to be sure that you receive good service.

Hire an Individual

Several professionals are also offering individual services. Many people choose individual workers because they usually do not demand a huge amount of money. However, it must be remembered that hiring individual workers may be a little risky, especially when you do not have knowledge about their work, experience and background.

Do It Yourself

There are several manuals and guidelines available on the internet. You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional for SEO. However, it is always recommended to do so, as with a limited experience and knowledge you will find it difficult to fully use the service to your advantage.

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